Fabri-Lok® Tensioned Fabric System

Fabri-Lok® is used as an interior architectural finish for walls and ceilings using fabric, vinyl or leather coverings. Fabri-Lok® is made and designed to allow the designer’s creativity to embrace virtually any wall or ceiling space or configuration. Fabri-Lok® lends itself for application on undulating walls, portals or columns.

What is Fabri-Lok® ?

Fabri-Lok® is an exceptional fire-retardant rigid vinyl framework that provides a method for using fabric as an interior architectural finish for walls and ceilings.

Fabri-Lok® frameworks, known generally as “trak” are manufactured from a unique blend of polymers and fire-retardant additives free of volatile organic compounds.

Because Fabri-Lok® is assembled on-site, the project’s acoustical consultant may “fine tune” the profile design in order to ensure the performance characteristics of the room.

These delicate adjustments help make Fabri-Lok® the “Sound Solution” in interior finishes.

How Fabri-Lok® Tensioned Fabric System panels are being used: